Wick It Drip It

advertising / brand / brand guardians / Package design / Flyers

Wick It Drip It is the latest range of vape liquid flavours from Steam E liquid. The range consists of five different flavours which can be added to liquid nicotine and used in electronic cigarette products. These types of products have grown massively in last few years and have successfully helped millions of people quit smoking tobacco products.


To create an eye-catching brand identity for the new range, which will stand out on the shelves when positioned amongst what is an already vibrant and crowded marketplace. The design cannot be food based despite the fact the flavours are nearly always based on types of fruit or sweets and must not appeal to children.


We created a neon logo with a brick background which all can be changed in colour to reflect the flavour. The brand has a 90’s nightclub feel, which appeals to the target demographic and creates an eye-catching design on the shelves. The identity can be easily applied to a variety of different promotional material and has created a recognisable brand identity.