Turners Parks Group

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Turners Parks Group are the biggest Park Home Site owners in the country. They asked us to re-brand their dated brand identity and help refine the structure of their group hierachy. The group is made up of four individual businesses and their customers often felt like they did not know which company owned their site or who to turn to for support.


We came up with a new group name and created an umbrella brand called Turners Park Group. We then designed a suite of logos, one core and four individual business logos, to create an understandable hierachy and ensure customers understood the business model. We then gave the group a modern and professional website, which customers and staff alike can use with pleasure and ease.


Internally this has been a huge success, transforming the attitude of the staff, giving them a brand identity they are proud of and a new vision for the future of the business. Externally, existing customers have been extremely positive, they now feel like they live on sites owned by a professional company. We are so pleased with the results and overjoyed with the feedback from the staff and customers.