Clarke Philips

advertising / brand / brand guardians / brochures / signage / web

Clarke Philips are one of the most successful local estate agents of the last five years. Since starting the business, they have gone on to open new offices and win some of the biggest sales in the region. They asked us to refine their brand identity to better reflect the professional service they offer. In addition, we have been working with them and property developers to create the branding and marketing material for new developments being sold by Clarke Philips.


We have evolved the brand to feel more considered and established, refining the typography, colour palette and overall design style. We have also successfully branded a range of luxury property developments, creating a brand identity, brochure and signage, to give the development the appeal and quality the properties need.


The branding has been received extremely well by everyone and has given the staff an identity they’re proud of. The development branding has been hugely successful, generating lots of interest and sales.